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/ the campaign

My manifesto calls on the government to make a commitment to put our health and environment first. This commitment is achievable and could deliver real benefit to everyone. You can also be an active partner in achieving that change by joining and supporting my manifesto. Help me by being a critical friend and challenge those responsible for making this manifesto a necessity, holding them to account, and by celebrating its success.

There are several ways you can get involved:

• Sign my petition by visiting:
• Lobby your MP: take the manifesto to their monthly surgery, write to them, tweet them using twitter.
• Raise awareness locally: put up posters and information in local community venues.
• Question the companies you buy from about the chemicals in their clothing.
• Start a blog.
• Organise a protest.
• Use my educational teaching materials to inform others of the issues relating to the use of chemicals in clothing.



/ the manifesto

/ the campaign

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