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I am a student at Colchester Institute studying a Diploma in Foundation Studies – Art and Design and for my final major project (FMP) I gained inspiration from a visit to the seaside resort of Clacton as a starting point. I decided to base my Final Major Project on old fashioned and vintage typefaces and lettering, for example; the fish and chip restaurants and the arcades that I came across. I wanted to create a garment that represents the unique and individual wording that is used to symbolise the style of how I work and what I produce. Old fashioned lettering was designed at a time when there were many family run businesses and the signs of shops were made purely from the imagination and personality of the owners. I wanted to look at hand and machine stitch and combine it with print. I used type print stamps with black ink on the jacket garment which was printed onto old vintage book pages I was given from family members. I then used an image transfer paste to transfer wording and part of the pages onto a cotton, recycled, off white fabric (donated to me from my local fabric shop) which I then cut accordingly with my own made pattern blocks to make the shorts and jacket.



© Photographs reproduced with the permission of Willow, Colchester Institute 2011


I am a student at Colchester Institute studying a Diploma in Foundation Studies – Art and Design and for my final major project (FMP) I combined inspiration from my initial research source; the seaside town of Clacton, and a large percentage of ethically sourced and recycled materials. I focused on the ocean and from that topic followed a theme of horizon lines and linea patterns, whilst consciously looking at both negative and positive space. After completing a unit on printed textile, I used my work to inform the next section of the project, in which I sourced a sea-beaten washed up wooden deckchair frame, fixed it up and made a fitted and totally usable canvas using batik and wax. The last part of our FMP was the design and construction of a final garment, again with relevance from the previous sections but with an added input from a piece of text of my choosing: Meditation XVII by John Donne. I used a recycled cotton shirt to cut and construct the body of my final garment (a women’s long loose shirt with fitted arms) and bought new jersey to manipulate with a series of bleach horizontal linea patterns. I also used this technique and process for the crossover collar. I lino printed and beaded a few linea Buddhist symbols meaning “water” onto the left chest strip of the shirt. Eco awareness has featured as a running theme throughout the project and although I have used new materials alongside old, I feel I have used all materials resourcefully.

After finishing my course in June I am hoping to gain some relevant work experience within the areas of: fashion, design and anthropology to gain more knowledge of street culture. I find myself most driven by the conceptual aspects of design and am hoping to attend Central St Martins in a few years time to study a BA(Hons) programme in Fashion Design (Womenswear).


© Photographs reproduced with the permission of Tigerlilly, Colchester Institute 2011



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